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            Leibsohn v. City of SeaTac, 177 Wash.App. 1021 (2013). Michael successfully defended the City of SeaTac against claims of tortious interference arising out of the City’s acquisition of commercial property located adjacent to a new Sound Transit station.

            Solt v. Annie Wright School, 138 Wash.App. 1028 (2007). Michael successfully defended a private school against a gender discrimination claim and other claims brought by a discharged administrator.

            C.R. Johnson Co., Inc. v. City of Selah, 253 Fed.Appx. 662 (9th Cir. 2007). Michael successfully defended the City of Selah against constitutional claims arising from the City’s development regulations prohibiting the use of water system booster pumps in new subdivisions.

            Timmerman v. South Sound Outreach Services, 8 Wash.App.2d 1020 (2019). Michael successfully defended a non-profit organization against claims that it provided defective assistance to people facing foreclosures.

            Funk v. City of Duvall, 126 Wash.App. 920 (2005). Michael successfully defended the City of Duvall against challenges to its moratorium on sewer connections and its method of allocating new connections.

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